Collection: Complete Your Kennedy Half Dollar Collection (1964-Present) - Graded & Ungraded!

Celebrate President Kennedy's Legacy: Kennedy Half Dollars (1964-Present)

Commemorate the enduring spirit of President John F. Kennedy with our captivating selection of Kennedy Half Dollars!

Minted from 1964 to the present day, these silver and clad coins feature a timeless portrait of JFK, a symbol of hope and progress. Our extensive inventory caters to collectors of all levels:

  • Silver & Clad Options: Choose from classic silver Kennedy Half Dollars (minted until 1970) or their clad counterparts, ensuring a perfect fit for your collection.
  • Graded or Ungraded: Select professionally graded coins with guaranteed condition for investment or choose ungraded options for a more affordable entry point.
  • Common Dates to Rarities: Find everything from widely circulated Kennedy Half Dollars to elusive high-grade treasures and special mint marks.

Why Choose Kennedy Half Dollars?

  • Own a Piece of History: Hold a tangible reminder of a transformative era in American history.
  • Timeless Design: The iconic Kennedy portrait on these coins continues to resonate with collectors.
  • Investment Potential: Graded Kennedy Half Dollars, especially rare varieties, can hold significant investment value.
  • Affordable Entry Point: Ungraded Kennedy Half Dollars offer a budget-friendly way to start or expand your collection.

Whether you're a seasoned numismatist seeking a specific year or a history buff starting your coin collecting journey, our vast selection of Kennedy Half Dollars has something for everyone. Explore our inventory today and honor the legacy of President John F. Kennedy!

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